Confidesk e-mail prices

Confidesk e-mail is our encrypted e-mail service which is available on a web interface and through mobile apps.

Free Service

This is our smallest package, ideal for those who'd like to try our service. It can store up to 1000 mail messages without attachment. User should note that it isn't suited to store files as it is only 50MB. The free package can be used for an unlimited amount of time. Inactive accounts may be deleted after 1 year.

You can add more spaces to your 50MB if you invite others to use our service. You can find a referral link in your Account, which you can send to others. You will receive free space for everyone who registers using the link.

Start for free

Paid Services


14.4 USD / year

Mini subscription designed for those who want to keep their email address, because our terms requires our users to log in at least once in 30 days in case of free accounts.

2 GB

4USD / month (48USD / year)

Our starter package. It can be used by individuals who would like a private file storage and mail service. There is sufficient storage for confidential files and mails, but it isn't enough for your everyday mail activity in the long-term.

5 GB

from 7 USD / month (42USD / 6 months)

For those who know that privacy is not a given and that there are always curious eyes trying to peer into your privacy. This package ensures that you can keep all of the digital items of your private life in a safe and secure place.

25 GB

35 USD / month

For heavy users and businessmen. 25GB should be enough for your business activity: contracts, blueprints, confidential communication and everything else created during your work.